We at Paperless Proposal are very pleased to announce that Security Sales and Integration Magazine has selected Paperless Proposal Software as one of the top 30 technology innovations of 2016.

Here is a quote from Paul Boucherle of Security Sales and Integration Magazine:

“OK, I admit any product or service that streamlines my client’s selling process and makes it more effective will immediately get my attention. Some clients do proposals really well, but most struggle for consistency, branding, and efficient turnaround speed. Mix those elements with ever-changing technologies, services and products, and you can see why proposals take away valuable selling time.

This company does your heavy lifting by gathering all collateral, terms, pricing and videos, and builds a proposal template. The sales team delivers by dragging and dropping “elements of a customized proposal” into their digital document. Once built, push a button and your customer has their proposal. You have a much more cost-effective and media-rich offering that increases closing ratios due to your professionalism and responsiveness. You can leverage manufacturers’ marketing videos, white papers and your own customer testimonials.”

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