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The Top 5 Ninja Sales Techniques to Get CEOs on The Phone

For a B2B sales professional, getting a CEO on the phone for the purpose of scheduling a sales meeting with them can be very difficult. Perhaps you have tried repeatedly to get the attention of a CEO only to end up getting transferred to their voicemail,...

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4 Amazing Sources for Generating New Clients

Prospecting refers to the process through which a business attracts new clients. This, surprisingly, is not as easy as it may sound. It requires you to constantly come up with creative new ways to attract new clients. Here are four amazing sources for...

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How to generate business to business leads from YouTube

YouTube is a powerful marketing tool for business-to-business marketing efforts. Being the second largest search engine, up to 72 percent of B2B marketers host their video content with YouTube for successful marketing campaigns. Since most of the buying...

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5 B2B Strategies For Prospecting For New Clients

Business to business new client prospecting is one of the most effective ways to ensure sales continue to flow, grow your sales pipeline and increase your company's revenue. Sadly, B2B prospecting is something that even the most experienced salespeople struggle with...

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Paperless Proposal Thunder Admin Preview Announcement

Now Live: Get to know the New Paperless Thunder Experience As an admin for Paperless Proposal, we want to notify you that the New Thunder Experience release is here. It is packed with tons of new features to help you work faster and smarter. Get an in-depth,...

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How to Write a Proposal to Win More New Business

Do you know how to write a proposal that will help your company win the sale every time? If you are an entrepreneur selling a service to clients, no doubt you have experience with proposal writing. If you run a business that sells a product to customers, you most...

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