ClientPoint seamlessly integrates with your CRM

ClientPoint makes it easy to send proposals using your CRM, automatically logging all proposal activity back into the CRM. Access your CRM based Client Information and Contacts Seamlessly from Your CRM When a rep uses CRM integration with ClientPoint they simply select the opportunity in the CRM from ClientPoint

  • The company, opportunity, and contacts are pulled into the proposal
  • The proposal documents can then be customized with the information

Know when your proposals have been sent, viewed, and accepted from within your CRM as ClientPoint Integrates seamlessly with, Microsoft Dynamics, Netsuite, Zoho, Base, Hubspot, Right Signature, Sertifi and Caterease.

Salesforece ClientPoint Integration

SalesForce CRM Integration Tutorial

Easily Transfer your CRM data into Your Business Proposals

When a member of your team uses CRM integration with ClientPoint, one will be able to…

  • Select the opportunity in the CRM from ClientPoint
  • Pull the company, opportunity, and contact info into the proposal
  • Customize the proposal documents with this personalized information

Automatically Log all Proposal Activity

With ClientPoint an activity record is pushed back into your CRM whenever a proposal is…

  • Sent to a prospective client
  • Viewed by a prospective client
  • Approved by a prospective client

Each of these activities includes a link directly to your proposal giving you easy access to all proposal activity from within your CRM.

Supported CRM Applications

ClientPoint Salesforce integration
ClientPoint Zoho CRM Partner
ClientPoint NetSuite Integration
ClientPoint RIght Signature Partner
CaterEase crm integration
ClientPoint NetSuite Integration
ClientPoint Sertifi Integration
CaterEase crm integration
ClientPoint HubSpot CRM Integration
ClientPoint Base CRM Partner


Building, tracking, and managing your info has never been faster or easier because ClientPoint seamlessly integrates with popular CRM platforms including, Microsoft Dynamics, Netsuite, Zoho, Base, Hubspot, Right Signature, Sertifi and Caterease.

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